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An assignment is a group of questions put together by a researcher using the nativeye dashboard which are then sent out to either the nativeye mobile application or a web survey form.

Each assignment can be made up of a combination of the available question types: Open text, Checkbox (multiple choice), Radio Button (single choice), Slider (sliding scale selector) and Media (currently image submission - audio and video coming soon!)

Assignments exist in three states: Draft, Activated (Live), De-activated (Closed)

Draft: This is while you're creating and testing an assignment, it is the assignment 'pre-live'

Activated: This is the live assignment, respondents are able to post responses to the dashboard

De-activated: Once an assignment has been activated you have the option to de-activate it, you can do this temporarily or permanently. De-activating the assignment closes it. It removes it from the mobile app and displays an 'assignment closed' message on the web form. You can re-activate the assignment at any time.

Are you ready to create an assignment now?

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