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Step 1: Using your browser, navigate to the nativeye dashboard (

Step 2: Log in using your nativeye details (more info on logging in)

Step 3: Select the '+add a new assignment' button from the dashboard home page

1 Add assign button.png

Step 4: You'll be given the option to start a 'Web' or 'App' assignment

2 web app choice.png

Web survey: This is to create a web survey that you can send out via email

App assignment: This is to create an app assignment that you can send out to people who have the nativeye mobile application

Step 5: Next is the Details tab. This is where you'll enter the main details for the assignment. Don't worry, if necessary they can be edited later.

3 details.png

Title: This is how the assignment is identified among the other assignments within the mobile app and will make up the URL of web survey

Description: This text should outline the reason for the assignment and any incentive for the respondent. The text will be displayed when respondents receive the assignment on their app. On the web survey it will appear at the top of the survey form.

Instruction: This text should concisely describe the action you want to respondent to take. This copy will display within the app whenever a user wants to post a response. On the web survey it will appear below the description and just above the first question.

Date picker: You decide when you want the assignment to start and end. Once an assignment has ended it will no longer display in the application. The web form will display a 'Survey closed' message.

Client: If you're an agency with multiple clients or want to specify a sub-brand within your company that the assignment relates to you can set it here. It will display under the assignment title within the application

Project: This allows you to allocate assignments to specific projects across your company. This is for internal purposes only and will not be displayed to the respondent.

Step 6: The next step is to add the tasks to the assignment. You can select from 5 task types: Open text, Checkbox (Multiple choice), Radio button (Single choice), Media (currently photo upload - video and audio coming soon!) and Slider

4 tasks.png

Step 7: Once you've added your tasks the next step is to preview everything before testing and then activating the assignment.

5 preview.png

Now that you've created the assignment its time to test it. You can edit the assignment any time.

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