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You've finished testing and have just activated your assignment. Now its time to invite the respondents.

A: Select respondents from the respondent picker window by checking the box next to their name

B: Click the +Add to invitation list button to add them to the invite list (see 'D')

C: You can add new respondents (ones not already in the nativeye respondent picker) by entering their email addresses

D: This is the invitation list. It will show the respondents chosen from the respondent picker as well as the email addresses you've entered

E: Once you're happy with the list of people, click the 'Send Invites' button to send out the invitations

What happens then?

App: Users with the app will receive a push notification on their phone notifying them of the new assignment as well as an email (if they have enabled email notifications).

Web: Web survey respondents will receive an email with a link to a web survey page. This link will be customised for each person to ensure that their response can be matched to their nativeye respondent details (allowing you to track individuals' responses).

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