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Viewing the results of your assignments and surveys online

Step 1: Using your browser, navigate to the assignments section in the nativeye dashboard

Step 2: Log in using your nativeye details (more info on logging in)

Step 3: Select the assignment from this list of available assignments.

Step 4: From the top right hand side of the screen select Reports

Step 5: You'll see three options for reports: 9 report butt.png

Overview: This view shows you a graph of the posts coming in for an assignment over time

Map: This view shows you a map with the location the posts were made. NB - Web survey locations might be a little unreliable as they rely on the respondent's browser to tell nativeye where they are, Google says this is accurate to the nearest 'town'.

Details: This view gives a breakdown of each of the individual questions and their responses. Each response depending on the question type is displayed in a different way using graphs, sliders and the submitted media.

Filtering your responses:

In the Details view you can filter your responses using the customisable filters. Simply select an option to filter the results by particular criteria, for example by individual respondent.

9.2 report filter.png

Exporting data

Within the Details section of reports there is a link to download all the views as a PDF, simply click the download link to produce a report 9.1 pdf dl.png

Each chart can also be saved individually as an image. To the top right of each chart there is a small arrow, click this to download an image copy of chart

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